Oh, I have come to love ginger!  That ugly root is capable of making my life soooooo much easier.  Outside of the rare occasion I took the powder form out of my spice cabinet when baking, I knew little about ginger until about a year ago.  You may have read the post about a challenging grocery shopping experience I had last April.  (You can read it here.) Well, that trip was the first in a series where it became apparent that our little girl had a major problem with motion sickness.  We never know when it will strike, but as a general rule, we can expect that any car ride over about 15 minutes long will result in vomit.  I have tried putting her in the center of the back, against a back window, and even in the front seat.  Nothing helps.  And once the messes get started, it continues to come at regular intervals.  

Well, shortly after the adventure last year, when we realized this was a big problem, we also realized we had a trip to Red Gate coming up.  That meant a 24-hour drive in the van!  I HAD to find a solution to this problem and quick!  One day, after cleaning up more disgusting mess while on a day trip, I swung the car into a health-food store to see if they had anything to offer.  I explained our difficulty, and the incredibly knowledgable lady working there led me to her supplement aisle, and picked up a bottle of chewable ginger tabs.  She swore by them.  I figured, at worst, I’d just be out $10, and best, we might find help, so I bought them.  As soon as I got back in the van, I gave M a tablet.  We then drove the 3 hours home.  For the first time in months, M didn’t once complain about her tummy hurting!  Still doubtful and thinking “coincidence,” I did not give her any tabs on our next 1/2 hour trip.  Sure enough, she threw up.  On the following trip, I gave her a tab, and she was good to go!  Eventually, we made the 24-hour one-way trip to the farm, giving her ginger tabs every 4 hours.  Not once did she vomit.

I decided to do a bit more research on this little root, and discovered that, sure enough, it is a well-known, ancient cure for tummy illnesses!  It has been known to relieve general nausea, pregnancy morning sickness, and motion sickness.  I was onto something here!  I gave it to M pretty religiously for a while.  After several months with no vomiting, I got a bit lax and forgot one day.   I was quickly reminded of the ginger when I heard M’s tell-tale “cough, gag, choke, cry” in the backseat.  Thus, ginger became a good friend.

Recently, we were house-hunting when M came down with a tummy bug.  She began vomiting one evening, had a slight fever, and continued to vomit every 1/2 hour for most of the night.  At one point, I was so tired, I asked S to take over and let me get some sleep.  After the next vomiting spell, he decided to experiment.  He went to the van, got a ginger tab, and had M eat it.  She didn’t vomit again.  Apparently, it soothes the stomach somehow, much like the modern day pink liquid–only safer.

Now, I will say that the ginger has not proven to eliminate these episodes 100%, but I would definitely estimate about 80-90%.  There is no doubt it has helped tremendously.  I have also found that we have more success if we give her the tabs about 15 minutes before getting in the car, rather than giving it to her after we are already driving. 

So, if you have issues with vomiting children, I would definitely say, “Give ginger a try!”  It can’t hurt, and it may make your life so much cleaner!!