All because we trusted God….

All because we prayed unceasingly for guidance….

All because we try desperately to live selflessly….

All because we try to love another more than ourselves….

All because we still aim to put God first in our lives….

All because we still aim to put each other second–only after God….

All because we strive to make family a priority….

All because we vowed to join another on life’s journey….

All because 2 people fell in love….

Today, 8 years, 5 interstate moves, and 4 children later, S and I are celebrating our anniversary.  Although his incredible surprise plans for me didn’t work out (not like we have anything else going on right now!), it is certainly the thought that counts. 

You see, 8 1/2 years ago, there was a special place I loved to go trail riding.  It was a quail-hunting plantation, and I was friends with the manager of the place, who allowed me to ride there anytime.  There were trails that meandered through tall pines, with sunlight streaking down through the branches.  It was beautiful, quiet, and peaceful, and it was my favorite place to ride.  I had told S about it for some time, and decided to share this beautiful place with him when he came to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  So we loaded up a couple of horses, drove out to the spot, tacked up, and headed into the trees.  After riding a couple of hours, he stopped to “take a breather.”  It was a beautiful spot–cool and shady in the hot Georgia weather, but sunlight sprinkling through the boughs of pine needles onto the pine-needle-strewn ground.  The breeze blew lightly, and the only sounds were birds chirping in the tree-tops. 

And that is where S proposed this life I am now living.  When I said “YES!” I had no idea what the future held in store, or what journey God would ask us to travel together.  But I knew that S was the one for me, and never once did S or I get cold feet or question whether we were to be married.  There was no doubt in either of our minds that God had ordained this marriage, and He would be right beside us through thick and thin. 

S, I love you more every day!