We have just experienced an incredibly exhausting, somewhat crazy 3 weeks!

I did not realize how much of life revolved around the internet until I lost it for the past 3 weeks.  Most of society is all about online, and it is nearly impossible to accomplish things without it! 

To give you a brief re-cap of our life recently….I left our former home in Sin City (a very appropriate nickname for Las Vegas, NV!) on Thursday, June 3, with 4 children and a dog, and headed to a hotel in CO to sign a lease for base housing.  Although the ginger helped M, we still had to make a few unexpected stops to clean up vomit from her horrible motion sickness spells.  The housing issue alone posed many challenges, many of which we are still trying to work through.   S and some friends finished the packing, loaded the truck, and cleaned the old house (THANK YOU to those of you involved in that!!) and left the afternoon of Friday, June 4, with the cat to keep him company (she adores him…the feeling is NOT mutual!) He arrived at the hotel early Saturday morning (June 5), and we drove over to the house to unload the truck.  We spent the day unloading.  I must say God truly blessed us with some wonderful neighbors and new friends here, as, with my sprained wrist, I was unable to lift much without excrutiating pain, and the neighbors jumped right in and helped S unload for me. 

Sunday morning, M woke up very sick with some sort of tummy bug.  We had planned to head to the farm on Monday, but she was still vomiting frequently and having constant diarrhea, which, for the first time since having children, I was unable to get control of.  We are well over a mile in altitude here, so fluid intake is critical, but she just couldn’t keep anything down.  By Monday morning, we found ourselves in the acute care clinic (thank the Lord, the base here has one!).  They gave her some anti-nausea meds and monitored her for a couple hours, gradually increasing her fluid intake during that time.  She was finally able to keep it all down.  Then, on the way home, she got motion sick in the car and vomited up every drop she had consumed.  After getting her home though, she began to improve.  She was finally well enough by evening that we decided to go ahead and leave Tuesday morning. 

After driving all day, Tuesday evening, we arrived at Red Gate Farm.  Unfortunately, our pre-ordered project supplies had not arrived yet.  Eventually, the fencing supplies arrived, which allowed S to get a lot done on the re-fencing project we are doing there.  Thanks to the help from his brother, they got all the poles in.  With the rains, however, they decided not to stretch the fence on this trip in order to prevent the problems we had with the last section they put in.  We stayed about 10 days, then returned to CO to begin unpacking and settling in.

We arrived in CO for good on Wednesday night, June 16.  It is now Tuesday.  We are unpacked except for maybe 2-3 boxes, most of the pictures and curtains are hung, the bedrooms arranged, the empty-house echos gone, and the place is finally starting to feel more like a home.  We still have a few kinks we are working on, and we just got phone and internet (sort-of) today.  Nonetheless, things are looking up.  S started work last Thursday, and has been putting in mostly half-days in-processing.  He expects to start full-time duty days next week. 

I am eager to load pics and tell you about the new things we have going on, so keep checking back.  I am staying pretty busy setting up house (and I have lots of blogs I read to catch up on!), but I hope to post at least once a day for a while until I get caught up.