One of the “joys” of moving is the fact that I have to get creative with my organizing.  Over the years, I have learned to buy items that are multi-purpose, like baskets, racks, and hooks, and then just change out what they are used for in each house, based on current need.  One issue I have always had, however, was in my kitchen.  

As I have sought healthier, safer kitchen items, and gotten rid of plastics, I wound up with a large collection of stoneware, crystal, pyrex, cast iron, and stainless.  This has resulted in a big problem organizing the large items, all the lids, and all the non-stackables.  I did some research before the move, had a few ideas in mind to try, then arrived here in the new house.  This house is 1500 sq. ft, and the kitchen is hardly setup for someone who almost lives there, so I was forced to get really creative.  So far, I am liking it.  Here is what I came up with:

Although I had this hanging rack for my cast iron back in NV, when I arrived here, there was absolutely NO place to hang it. I remembered an idea I had seen some time ago, where a lady had used her cast iron and stainless cookware as her window decor. Well, circumstances didn't allow me to go that far, but I modified the idea by hanging the rack over the curtain and window, as the was the only space it would fit. As it turns out, it is quite handy there, within arms reach from both the stove and the sink!

Oh, the cookie sheets, pizza stones, serving platters, and misc. other big stuff! I have fought with that stuff for years! I decided I wanted to have everything side-by-side for easier access, rather than stacked precariously on top of the other items. So I bought a large rack that would allow me to do so. The only place it would fit was the bottom of my pantry, but it is perfect! I actually have a smaller one for my other, smaller, cutting boards and platters. I have dreams of nice wooden rack built into my cupboards serving this purpose when I move to the farm and renovate the kitchen.

Similiarly, my pot lids were at risk of breaking every time I opened the cupboard. I have spent countless minutes trying to stack, organize, or find the size I needed. I bought a smaller version of the other rack and used it for my lids. It's working beautifully!!

Not to belabor the racks, but I am so proud of these! This was a really small one made of wooden pegs, and it just perfectly organizes my pyrex lids by size. No more lids hiding under heaps of other lids!

I will say that I have found a store I love called “The Container Store.”  It is the ultimate place for organizing any area of your home.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that their supplies tend to be somewhat modern, and there is nothing that works well in a country-decor type home.  They have lots of plastic stuff.  Nonetheless, I have found quite a number of very useful items there, to include the racks and barrel jars you see above. 

So now, despite my small kitchen and very limited cabinet space, I think it will all work well!