We decided to hit a new trail today on our bikes, and this time, M was going to ride her bike.  Mind you, she is 3 years old (almost 4), and has only been riding without training wheels for a few months.  Thus, we picked a relatively easy trail this time, but with enough little challenges to build confidence in both the kiddos (and mom!). 

We headed out between thunderstorms, and discovered the trail winds through beautiful meadows, along a running creek, and a myriad of rock formations and little foothills.  

Biking down the trail

S and the babies

The trail was being used by other bikers and hikers, and I think all were impressed with the ages of our children biking.  S even had the two babies in the bike stroller.  However impressed we may have been though, M still had her limits.  Like going up big hills.  She would make it about half way and then need to be pushed, pulled, assisted, or something.  Let’s just say S and I got just as much of a workout as she did!

Reaching the top of a steeper hill.

 When we had gone as far as we thought M could handle (and still make it back to the van), we stopped at a spot where the trail crossed the creek.  It was so pretty there.

All in all, we estimate that we biked about 3 miles.  Considering we are still adapting to the lack of oxygen here at 7000+ feet altitude, JR and M are so young and new to biking without training wheels, and S was pulling the stroller with about 55 lbs. of baby weight plus all of our water bottles, I am quite impressed. We had a great time out there, and the kids feel so grown-up to be biking like all the big folks we passed on the trail.  This may become a weekend tradition around here!