N, 17 months

I think I can finally say that we are settled here in CO.  I still have small areas of the house I have not yet organized completely, and I’m still missing little things that likely got tossed into one of those unorganized spaces, but, overall, if a visitor walked into our house, they wouldn’t know we had just moved in.  In fact, we actually had our first dinner guest last night, which was a lot of fun. 

This week, we have started fiddling around (no pun intended) with the violins again.  I’m not quite up to daily practices with JR yet, but we’ll get there.  I have also gotten my schedule updated and have begun putting it to use here and there to give me direction.  Through my chore schedule, I expect to get to those remaining unorganized areas within a few weeks.  I got brave yesterday and introduced A to potty training.  If he continues with yesterday’s success, perhaps I can get one toddler out of diapers shortly!

I’ve also been busy getting to know the area a bit.  There is just a ton of things to do here, and it makes me antsy for adventure.  I prefer S to go with us on bigger adventures, though, so I am holding off on most things for a bit.  In the mean time, I have ordered all our school books the coming year, and am introducing the children gradually to their schedule.  I have been having the toddlers sit in their designated spots and play with assigned toys or activities for set amounts of time.  I have also really buckled down on some behavioral issues that developed during the move with all the changes that took place, in an attempt to get things flowing a bit more smoothly before the school year starts. 

S, meanwhile, is absolutely loving his new job.  I hope to tell you more about it, but as I general rule, we have kept our blog as discreet as possible in regards to identifiable information.  However, there is so much to talk about here, we are considering being a bit more open.  We’ll see about that.  For now, I can just say that he has been blessed with an assignment that fulfills a career-long dream for him, and he is thrilled with the idea of knowing he may be able to finish his career here. 

That’s it for now.  Hope you are having a blessed day!