Well, since we made our big announcement last night, there have been a number of things we have found out.  Colorado law does not allow us to adopt as we have in the past.  It seems the best way to allow God to work freely, yet still be legal is what is called a “Designated Infant Adoption.”  What this means is that an expectant mother or birthmother contacts us, selects us to adopt her baby (or babies) and, together, we work out the details of the adoption.  We then hire a lawyer to make everything legal.  It is a great option for both us and the natural parents, as it allows us the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with her/them to ensure everything is done in a way that is ethical and beneficial for everyone involved.  Furthermore, we feel it is a way for us to remain open enough for God to bring us the child He has in mind for us.  We have already spoken with a lawyer to get the ins-and-outs, and we are willing to try.  But that is where we need your help.

We need you to keep an ear out.  Should you become aware of a situation where an expectant mother is considering adoption, let her know that we are ready and willing should she desire more information about us.  I have many readers on this blog, and you never know if you might be the one God uses to connect a birthmom with us.  For obvious reasons, I cannot post our personal contact info here on the blog, however, if you contact us confidentially through the moderated “comments” feature and send us some way to get back in touch with you, then we can go from there.

Whether this is God’s plan for us, only time will tell.  This type of adoption requires a large step of faith, and we are well aware that God could direct us to a different course.  We also know that if this is His will, He would hopefully bless everyone involved.  In the mean time, we will be in continued prayer and ask that you would join us.