It looks as though the process for our next adoption is well under way.  We had our first meeting with the case worker last night.  We talked for about an hour and a half, and she gave us all the required documents.  I got most of them filled out last night after she left, and we turned in all the necessary documents.  These include forms for references (Have we tapped you all out yet?  Hope not!)  Some of you may be hearing from us soon.  I promise we wouldn’t bug you if it wasn’t required by law!  Just know that you are a very important and necessary part of this journey that allows us to provide a loving home for a child!  Now, we just have to get fingerprinted and background clearance forms sent in.  We hope to do that this week.  We have our second of 3 meetings scheduled for next week.  The case worker is an experienced, adoptive mom of 3 herself, so she is very understanding of our process and mindset of wanting to get things moving.  She seems like she will be very easy to work with.  I’ll keep you posted as we go.

Oh, and we would also like to request a little prayer when you have a moment.  In the past, we had over 30 hours of adoption and parenting training, as required by the state where we lived at the time.  CO laws are just slightly different enough that we may have to repeat another 20 hours of classes, but it is left to the discretion of the agency directors.  Topics like “How to care for a newborn,” “How to accept a child of another race,” and “How to accept an adopted child as your own” are just a few of the required topics here.  Not to say we are experts (which we certainly are not!), but since this isn’t our first child, our first adoption, or our first transracial adoption, we have certainly figured out most of that part 🙂  The director of the agency doing our homestudy is going to take a look at our past courses and possibly let them count, but it is entirely up to her.  We have been warned that she is pretty tough, though.  If she wants us to repeat them, then it could delay an adoption up to 6 months.  If she lets them count, then we can proceed as soon as the required clearances are returned (up to 2 months in itself).  If you could say a little prayer that she will consider letting them count, it would be a huge help to us.