A couple of years ago, God opened our eyes to the downsides of the modern day, typical, age-segregated church environment.  We heard about a new-old type of church that is becoming very popular around the nation.  I say new-old, because it is the type of church that has been around for thousands of years–since before Jesus’ time.  It is still commonplace in other nations, but over the years, it has become almost unheard-of in America.  Many families have seen problems with the modern methods and began seeking out another option.  Thus the return of the family-integrated church. 

Honestly, it is nothing special persay.  It is simply worshipping together as a family unit, rather than splitting up into age groups for individual classes.  The more we studied about it though, the more we were intrigued by the idea.  As it turned out, there was a good one not far from our new house in CO.  There are approximately 25 families that regularly attend.  Interestingly, those desiring the FIC environment, also often homeschool, and they also often have many children.  Although the church has so few families, their are over 100 people attending this multi-generational church, due to the large numbers of children in each family.  For us, it was very refreshing.  With 4 children and a mindset that God should be able to build our families by blessing with children as He desires, we were often an oddity in any environment.  It is so refreshing to be in the midst of other large families, where having 2-3 children is the oddity.  We truly fit right in.  Furthermore, there are many adopted children in this church, and several mixed-race families. The church is not perfect, and has a few aspects that are less than ideal for us–but then, that’s the case with any church we have ever attended.  It is, however, very Bible-based, and we cannot argue with any of their teachings.  They understand that children are easily influenced by lessons taught in the service, and are, therefore, careful to approve each speaker’s lesson carefully and with Biblical insights.  The men of the church hold each other accountable in true Christian love, that they will each be the God-called leader of their individual families.   

I could talk all day about the church, and the environment we have found there.  It is warm, welcoming, loving, and just filled with Christian spirit and unity.  It feels like the place you could go and find support when you decide to make a stand against secularism.  I guess you could say we are still in the “trial” phase of attending this church.  We have been and are praying about it.  However, I can say that this is the first time after a move where we have not “shopped around” for a church.  It just kinda feels like “home” in a way, when we walk in the doors of the rented school gym on Sunday morning. 

If you are interested in learning more, we got a lot of our information from Vision Forum Ministries, a very conservative, somewhat “old-fashioned” by modern standards, religious family ministry.  Their website is http://www.visionforumministries.org/.  To see if there is a FIC in your area, here is a great listing website to get started:  http://ncfic.org/