Last week, my little girl turned 4!  I feel like a terrible mother, seeing as how it has taken me almost a week to get the photos posted! 

Unfortunately, it fell on the same day as our main home-inspection and interview part of our adoption homestudy, so most of my day was focused on preparing for that.  Nonetheless, I did what I could to make her feel special on this big day.

First, she helped me make her cake.

 We decided to make a Secret Beet Cake for her birthday, and it turned out absolutely delicious!!  It looked like red-velvet, but was very moist and YUMMY!  You can get the recipe here.

Of course, every cake batter should be thoroughly kid tested and approved before being baked! M was happy to do the dirty work!

Tasting cake batter is indeed dirty work! Look at that face! She approved, though, and I was allowed to go ahead and bake the cake.

Daddy treated us with some guitar back-up when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Make a wish, Ready, Set, BLOW!

Time for presents!

M's favorite gift was a basket for the front of her beloved bicycle.

Little hairbows and ponytail holders in her favorite colors.

A "real" toy phone. The kids pretend to talk on the phone all the time, so this toy has been a hit with everyone!

A friendly neighbor even unexpectedly joined in and bought her a little art set. Too sweet!

Dinner was a bit of a rush, followed by the cake and presents, and we finished up just in time for the case worker to arrive.  Despite the hurriedness of it though, I think M had a lot of fun celebrating her big day.  She is exceedingly proud to be 4 years old, and is already trying to figure out things that will set her apart from the 3 year olds, since she is, after all “so much bigger now.”