It’s been a while since I posted, but I have good reason.  Here is a run down:

  • Tuesday evening:  Received my raw milk and CSA produce order
  • Wednesday:  Received my entire cow, nicely pre-cut and wrapped, and loaded it into my chest freezer in garage
  • Thursday, early afternoon: Electrical storm brought hail and lightning that destroyed some power lines, causing a full power outage in our neighborhood. We were told repairs would take about 4 hours.
  • Friday morning: Still no power.  Losing coldness in fridge.  Bought ice, and transferred freezer and fridge foods to good coolers.  Hoped chest freezer would keep beef cold.
  • Friday afternoon:  Still no power.  More storms.  Bought dry ice for all freezers and coolers.  Expected dinner guests that evening, so I got creative and figured out how to use a dutch oven on my gas stove (THANK GOD! we have a gas stove!!)  Also figured out how to bake in my propane grill.  Large dump truck shows up at my house and drops a huge dumpster bin.  Turns out housing has decided today will be a good day to replace our roof.  They just forgot to tell us about it.  So now, we have no power, napping children, thawing foods, and endless pounding on the roof.
  • Friday evening:  Still no power.  Had a very interesting candlelight dinner with our guests.  Toward the end of dinner, power suddenly came back on.  YAY!  Then it went out again. Then on.  Then off…….Guests left for the evening.  Power came on and stayed a while, so I decided to catch up on some cleaning and laundry in anticipation of visitors coming on Saturday.  Got kids all tucked into bed. 
  • Friday night, 9 pm:  Power off again.  Now I had wet, half-washed clothes in washer.  At least kids are sleeping and pounding has stopped for the night.  Basement (where kids sleep) carbon monoxide detector goes off.  There is no power.  S grabs a flashlight, snatches the rudely awakenedd kids from their beds and rushes them upstairs.  JR is crying, worried sick about his bunnies.  I grab a light and the cat carrier and collect the bunnies from the basement.  We open windows all over the house, which makes the house rather cold.  I begin settling kids onto the couch and our bed while S uses the only working (corded) phone to call housing and report the CO.  Guy thinks its a battery problem and wants S to do a series of tests.  Says he’ll call back in 15 minutes.  S does the tests, but alarm keeps sounding.  Kids are all thoroughly awake now, so I lay down with them.  Guy never calls back.  S needs to check the batteries, but we have no 9-volt, so he sends me to the store.  I go buy 9-volts, return, and try to settle kids down again.  S finally determines the alarm is malfunctioning, and replaces it with the upstairs one.  An hour and half later, guy still hasn’t called back, so we call housing again.  He finally calls and non-chalantly assumes everything is great.  S puts his foot down and demands a new CO detector for the upstairs after that scare.  After being assured downstairs is safe, we return wide-awake babies to their beds, but JR and M are too shaken up and want to camp out on futon.  We agree, put the bunnies back in their cage, guy brings new CO detector, and we go to bed.  Power comes back on.
  • Saturday: We pick up our visitors (that’s a whole ‘nother post!), and I tried to bake enough food to feed them since we had run out of baked goods with the power outage.
  • Saturday eve: Whew!  I think life is back to normal and we can take a deep breath. 

Food in coolers and working by lantern light (hanging over window)

Exhausted kiddos on futon.