After the events of last week (you can read about it here), I was greatly looking forward to being able to start a normal week again today.  After church, I spent a couple of hours yesterday training a horse, then a few more helping a lady with lupus repair her stall floor.  It felt great, being around the horses totally revived me, and JR and I were able to spend some quality time together on a service-to-others project.   Nonetheless, between last week and yesterday afternoon, I was greatly looking forward to my bed last night.  I was tired, sore, and wanted nothing more than to sleep deeply all night.  And then it happened.

The evening started out innocently enough.  We had a big rain, thunder, and lightning storm last night.  It rained for several hours, and the lightning had M quite frightened, so I let her come up to my bed to help her fall asleep, with the intent of moving her later.  Around 10, S and I were ready for bed, so S went in to get her and carry her downstairs.  He found her like this: 

She's so innocent and sweet when sleeping!

He proceeded to carry her downstairs, tuck her in, then stepped into the family closet/laundry area to collect his things for the next day.  That’s when he heard……drip……………….drip……………….drip……………….drip……He looked around and located the noise above him, which implied our master bedroom upstairs.   Then he heard…. DRIP! DRIP! DRIP! DRIP! DRIP!  WHOOSH!  He thought “OH NO!”  and bolted upstairs yelling at me to grab a big pot.  Before we could get into our bedroom, the ceiling had opened up and water was pouring through like a faucet, all over the floor, and the fan spraying the water all over our bed. 

A small sheetrock bubble can really wreak havoc in a bedroom during a rainstorm!

We shut the fan off, put in an emergency call to our housing maintenance office, and started getting things cleaned up in the bedroom, as the water continued to pour through the ceiling into my pot.   After getting it all cleaned up, we started to look around at the damage.  And saw this:  

Hard to see here, but we noticed the sheetrock seam directly over our bed had bubbled up in a 6-8 foot long section, and was ready to burst any second.

We gathered more pots, re-located our mattress to the living room so it wouldn’t get soaked, cleaned everything in our room up off the floor and tried to tuck it away.  By 10:30, the property office still had not called, so S decided to go up into the attic and take a look.  What he discovered absolutely shocked him.  They built our current roof over another roof.  The old asphalt roof covered our ceiling completely, so he couldn’t see to what extent the water was puddled on our ceiling sheetrock, but he quickly located the leaky areas in the “newer” roof that they had torn the shingles off on Friday (assuring us, of course, that the tar paper would keep the water out).  In addition, he found several of the plywood roofing sheets supporting the roof that were completely black from rot and decay.  Directly over our bedroom.  UUGGH!  In the mean time, I located several other bubbling areas around the bedroom.

Finally, around 11—a full hour after I had called the EMERGENCY line (I’m just thankful it wasn’t another carbon monoxide alarm!)—the maintenance guy called back.  He told S to take a broom handle, punch a hole through the sheetrock to release some pressure and hopefully prevent more seams from bubbling and ripping.  Then the guy explained there was nothing he could do at that time, and they would come check it out in the morning.  Great. So, we grabbed a mop, and I jokingly told S that I would love to personally jab a whole in the roof of this house that has caused nothing but problems for the last week.  He laughed, took the handle, and jabbed it through.  Now we have a large hole in the middle of the biggest bubbled area.   

Thank the Lord for His perfect timing, as the rain stopped about that time.  So, we did what we could, and climbed into our new, mattress-on-the-futon bed around 11:30. 

The kids loved playing on our new set-up in the middle of the living room this morning.

After all the adventures, I slept like a rock!  I didn’t wake up refreshed so much as half-dreading what today could hold in store, but also very thankful things haven’t been MUCH worse (I mean, hey, the store could have sold out out of ice during the power outage, or we could have REALLY had Carbon monoxide the other night, or the ceiling could have crashed in on top of us, right?)  So yes, I am very thankful that, for the most part, there is still some normalcy here.  The skies outside are grey and ominous, but so far, no more rain.

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes. Then again, maybe I can.

UPDATE:  It is now 9:00 on Monday morning, and I have heard nothing from the maintenance folks.  I am so glad to know what a priority these emergencies like CO detectors and flooding ceiling are to this place. (note sarcasm here)  I don’t think they have truly helped us a single time!  Needless to say, I am a bit too distracted to focus on homeschooling today (a complete waste, I know, but mentally, I am just not with it!).  As if that wasn’t enough, the cat just broke a jar, and now I have glass to clean up.  The only problem is that she knocked it down behind an incredibly heavy desk where I can’t reach it, AND it was full of of screws and nails at the time so I can’t just vaccuum it.  Can I just run away to the farm until all this is over?