Well, just after 9 this morning, the housing folks showed up to inspect the damage.  They confirmed that the entire ceiling will need to be replaced.  Here is the clincher though…..it isn’t their responsibility!  HAH!  At this point I just have to laugh at everything!  As it turns out, the roofing folks were an independent contract.  Although the housing folks are very upset to discover they are leaving roofing jobs half-finished, the contractors are ultimately responsible for the damage in our home.  While this makes sense, what it means for us is that they now have to negotiate some type of deal to get the damage fixed, the ceiling replaced, the roofing sheets inspected and possibly replaced, and so on.   Then they told us, “oh, don’t worry, they’ll be here today to finishing putting the new shingles on the roof to prevent more damage in the mean time, and somebodywill contact you about the plan for repairs.” 

Now it is 12:30 pm.  There have been no signs of any roofers coming out to finish.  The clouds are getting thick, thunder is sounding, and a light rain has started.  A truck just showed up and proceeded to load up the roofing dumpster.  Having heard nothing in regards to a “plan of action,” I ran out to the driver and asked if he worked with the roofing company.  He said Yes.  I explained the situation and asked if he knew when they would be out to finish the shingles.  He explained he knew nothing of the situation, would talk to the “boss,” but could offer that they won’t be out until at least tomorrow, as they don’t work in the rain.  *sigh*

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect anyone to be on my roof in thunder and rain.  I would just like an answer as to who is going to repair my roof and ceiling and when it will happen.  I would also love for someone….anyone….that works with this housing agency to act like they care a smidge that we have a house with major issues (I have only posted a few…..did you know they told us AFTER we moved in that our toilet doesn’t like toilet paper, and as a result it clogs almost daily? Or that when we moved in, most of our phone jacks did not work, and they told us WE were responsible for hiring someone to repair the wiring?!) We are totally in limbo, and as I sit here watching the rain, hoping my trash can in the bedroom is large enough, I am preparing for my entire ceiling to begin falling apart in chunks over the next couple of hours.  This could be a very interesting afternoon!  I will have to let you know the results later.  The amazing thing to me is that the decently managed military housing system has switched over to a privatized, profit-seeking, independent contractor system to manage and care for the houses, all in the name of “improving the quality of life of military personnel.”  Whatever.