It has been a crazy 2 weeks, and I am hoping the end is near!  I am ready for peace in my home again!  The events of last week took a bit of a nasty turn after our bedroom flooded, and, when housing wasn’t responding to fix the problem, S had to take it to the commanders.  We don’t yet know what happened after he sent the pics and details up the chain, but something definitely happened!  Within 24 hours, we had appointments to get EVERYTHING repaired within 5 days, AND we noticed our neighbors were suddenly getting their issues resolved as well.  So, now we have a new ceiling in the bedroom, done by a professional dry-waller instead of the inexperienced roofer, and they are scheduled to have everything in the bedroom and other repairs around the house completed by Wednesday evening.  We’ll see what happens. 

That’s not the end of the story of our recent unanticipated adventures, however.  But, I must admit, I am hoping this is:  

Yesterday afternoon, M and the other kids were outside playing, and M went running across our asphalt drive.  Then, she tripped and did a face plant right on the asphalt.  Myself and another mother were standing there, and as soon as she hit, we knew it was bad.  Her screams confirmed it.  There was so much blood when I picked her up, I couldn’t even see the source.  I am well aware, thankfully, that even mild facial injuries bleed like crazy, though, so I didn’t panic.  I just raced her inside, grabbed some ice and napkins to apply to her face to try to slow the bleeding so I could get a good look.  It soon became apparent that her teeth had left a nasty gash on the inside of her upper lip (but didn’t go through), and the asphalt had left a gash on the outside.  The blood was pouring from both areas.  While I couldn’t see the extent of the gash on the inside, I knew the outside would require sutures, so I raced outside, turned the other 3 kids over to my neighbor, and told S to jump in and take us to the hospital.  Thank the Lord, our neighbor is a P.A., so we ran over to her house first, and she confirmed that sutures were needed, called the local base acute care clinic to see if they could help (they couldn’t, but her call saved us several extra steps and lots of time), and then called in a referall for us to go to the E.R. down town.  By the time we arrived, the bleeding had slowed, the ice had melted, and we were just trying to control the swelling.  It quickly became obvious, however, that it was not considered an emergency, when, after our arrival at the E.R., we waited over 3 hours to be seen!  Finally, around 8:30 last night–with a half-starved and dehydrated child (they wouldn’t let her have anything in case they had to sedate her), we got the sutures, and went home. 

Today has been good so far, she has only bumped her lip once causing a bit of a bleed, and we are trying to keep her a bit calmer than usual (no easy task!).  Her lip is still very puffy, making it difficult for her to talk and drink.  She only required 3 sutures, but I guess the trauma of the whole deal semi-paralyzed her lip, as she has very little feeling in it, and drools out the side constantly.  I guess the plus side is that it also minimizes any discomfort, as she seems to forget it’s even there. 

So there you have it.  Our week in review.  Lots more typical posts to come, as soon as a I get a free moment to type it out.