A year or so ago, we set out to eliminate as much plastic and other toxins from our lives as possible.  We discovered that there are many items that only come in plastic, but other items do come in safer options—if you are willing to search them out.  Toys for example, come in plastic most of the time, but if you look for older toys, or search on specialty websites, you can find them in metal and/or wood.  Around the kitchen, I eliminated most plastic, aluminum, and most teflon, and replaced it with pyrex glass, stoneware, cast-iron, wood, silicone, and stainless steel.  We even eliminated the kid’s plastic tumblers and sippy cups, and replaced them with glass canning jelly-jars.  Eventually I found some stainless 8 oz. tumblers that were perfect, but very expensive.  Unfortunately, there were a few items I just could not find, or could not find at an affordable price.  I wanted a few more tumblers, a better option for S to take his lunches to work (he was taking 2-3 heavy pyrex containers everyday, and stainless popsicle molds.  Some of these were just impossible to find. 

Until now.  A lady in Canada was in a similiar situation, couldn’t find what she needed, and decided to find a way to make the items.  The store she has put together as a home-business is amazing!  I wanted to recommend it to anyone else looking for options.  I found my stainless popsicle molds (a little pricey, but I LOVE them!!).  They are great for our family, as the design allows me to fill them all the way up for the bigger kids and adults, or only 1/3 to 1/2 full for the toddlers.  When we are ready to eat them, I just run the steel under tap water for about 5 seconds, and they slide right out:

I also found a great option for S’s lunch box meals:

This stainless container has removable dividers that allow him to seperate his food.  It is much lighter and safer than pyrex, seals better to prevent leaks, and locks.  When he gets home, we just toss it into the dishwasher (FYI, the instructions say the lid is NOT dishwasher safe, though we have put it on the top shelf with no problem). 

They have MANY other items to choose from, including storage containers, child-related items like plates and tumblers, and more.  Check them out! 


A few other things I have come to really like can be purchased from many retail outlets like Amazon.com, other websites, or even local stores, so I always do a little price-comparison when shopping.  These items include name brands (or similiar items) such as:

  • Melissa and Doug (wooden toys and homeschool activities)
  • Klean Kanteen (stainless and very versatile sports bottles)
  • Lodge Logic  (pre-seasoned cast iron)
  • The Container Store (lots of wood, glass, and metal storage ware and organizing tools)
  • Pampered Chef (the best stone bakeware I have found yet)
  • Re-usable fabric grocery bags
  • Re-usable mesh produce storage bags
  • Debbie Meyer re-usable bread bags (they are plastic, but are re-usable, and sized perfectly for homemade loaves)
  • Glass canning jars for dry food storage (I use plastice lids, but the lids don’t generally come in contact with the food)

If you have found other solutions, I would love to hear about them!  Please share in the comments section!