Things are well under way with our adoption process, and it’s getting exciting!  We have been blessed with a wonderful case worker in charge of the homestudy, and she is very easy to work with.  The process has taken only about 7 weeks from start to finish, and she said our FBI clearances came back in record time (typically takes at least 6 weeks for JUST that form!)  As of last night, we have completed our portion of the homestudy meetings.  She is waiting on one more clearance form from another state, and then it will be completed.  That will be any day now!   I was up late last night working on our profile which will be posted online.  Things also got a lot easier when we recently found out that the agency director approved our past trainings and will not make us repeat them.  That was a relief!  We fully support training, however, in this particular case, it would have been completely redundant, not to mention taking almost 20 hours of our time away from our children and family.  We still enjoy reading and learning on our own though, and talk to others involved in adoption, read related books, or watch videos whenever we get a chance. 

We are so interested to see how God works in this adoption, and what He leads us to do.  As of this time, we still feel no leading toward a particular state agency, so we are still focusing our efforts on simply putting out the word that we are interested in adopting.  We will be putting a profile on record with an organization known as Project Cuddle, as well as putting out an online profile.  At that point, it will be completely in God’s hands, as we wait for a birthmother or birthfamily to find us, get in contact with us, and, perhaps, select us to parent her new baby.  It is an exciting prospect, and I can only try to imagine the myriad of ways God could work through this opportunity.