WOW, things have been crazy busy around here!!  It seems like I go from one thing to the next.  If it weren’t for the schedule to keep me on track (not that I ever accomplish EVERYTHING on it!), I think I would be completely overwhelmed!  Here is a quick recap of happenings around our household.

  • We are entering our 2nd month of homeschool for the 2010/2011 school year.  We have settled into our groove, minimized our day to ensure the kids have plenty of time to be active, and still get lots of learning accomplished.  Even with the adventures of last month (the roofing situation, the flooded bedroom that required a new ceiling, etc.), some unexpected educational “field trip” opportunities that I jumped at the chance to participate in with the kids, and a number of visitors, we still managed to average about 4 days of school every week.  I LOVE starting school so early, as it really allows us so much more flexibility without getting behind!  JR is doing great in his reading, and he has really surprised me how quickly he has picked up his arithmetic concepts this year.  I can honestly say we have had no real battles, and only a couple of short-lived stubbornness sessions so far.  M is well into learning to read, and it is exciting to see her so eager to learn!  A and N are doing well in their day as well.  Although formal schooling is not involved, both are still being trained to respect their older siblings during their school time, to play quietly, and even to play independently at times. 
  • To take things a step further, we completed potty-training A last month, and then N came down with a bit of an infection in the diaper area.  We wanted to attempt treating without meds for a week before taking him in (it was mild), so we used some homeopathic, natural suggestions we found, and then we let him just run around sans diaper for a week.  Between that and watching A potty-train, he began to express interest.  My neighbor convinced me to go for it, so we did.  Now, I have an almost-potty-trained 19-month-old.  You would never have convinced me it was possible.  Especially when you consider the fact that just 8 months ago, when N was diagnosed with cerebral palsey, we were told to not expect him to walk or potty train before he was about 3 due to the lack of muscle control.  God has truly blessed us through this little boy, and shown time and time again how He can overcome any human diagnosis! 
  • FOOD!  FOOD! and more FOOD!!  We are in the throws of our farm-produce season through our CSA.  I get a huge box-load of assorted fresh produce every week.  On the same day, I also get 2 dozen free-range eggs from the farm, and 6 half-gallon jars of raw milk.  Here is just a sample of what my fridge often looks like: 

    All the drawers are full of produce, the top shelf is full of milk, and the shelf on the door has 2 dozen eggs (which I know you aren't supposed to use for eggs, but I have no other option with the other food at the moment!)

I love how much I am learning through this CSA program.  Oh, and as if that isn’t enough food, starting today, I will also be receiving an additional box-load of “canning” produce to put up for the winter when the fresh produce is no longer available. 

  • Cooking, cooking, and more cooking!  As a direct result of all the food we have been receiving, I have been cooking up a storm trying to use it all.  I have had to get really creative at times, which is way outside of my nature, and I am also learning to be more adventurous as I learn new ways to use foods such as kohlrabi, radicchio, and fennel.  These are foods I would have never had the nerve to purchase in a store, but since I have them, I am forced to use them, and in the process, learning to love new flavors!  Oh, and as a result of my cooking adventures, I will be posting a number of these adventurous, but delicious, recipes we have had recently that resulted in big thumbs-up all around the table!  So look for those soon!
  • We have officially completed our adoption home-study, and are now officially waiting for God to work at this point.  This adoption will be completely different since we have to essentially wait for a birthmother/expectant mother to find us this time, and I have no idea how that will play out.  This part is unchartered territory for us, as we have to rely mainly on God, word-of-mouth, and internet for this adoption.  Nonetheless, we are all so excited and eager to meet the baby that God has in store for us.  Only time will tell.

Well, that pretty well wraps up some of the busy-ness around here lately.  I hope to start posting more again soon, I just have to find the time.  Family and daily responsibilities come first, obviously, but I am slowly accumulating pictures and stories to add when I get the chance.  Have a great day!