One of the things I have come to love about getting our eggs directly from the farm is the surprise I get in the egg carton every week.  I have learned that real farm eggs aren’t always the perfectly shaped, same-shade-of white or brown, similiarly sized, pale-yellow yolked, easy-to-peel-when-boiled, graded eggs you buy in the store.  Rather, really good, farm-fresh, natural eggs that come from hens free-ranging, eating worms, bugs, and vegetation as desired is completely different!  The eggs have tougher shells, come in an abundance of colors and shades, have a dark yellow to orange yolk, may contain blood spots inside or a tiny bit of grime on the outside shell, and can be very difficult to peel after boiling.  The sizes also completely vary, with younger hens laying tiny eggs, hens in their prime laying “normal” sized eggs, and older hens laying huge eggs (some even with a double yolk in them).  The shell itself is often textured as well, with lumps, bumps, and ridges that give it its own unique charm.

This carton contained an egg that was so massive, the lid wouldn't even shut properly! Just for the record, it was a single-yolk!

I have so much fun experimenting with egg amounts in my recipes, based on the eggs I received that week.  I have learned to use 3 smaller eggs for a recipe that calls for 2 “large” eggs, for example.  And we all have fun seeing the infinite colors the eggs come in.

This batch of eggs came in the same week--a small, blue/green Araucana egg from a younger hen that just came "online," a more standard egg from a hen likely in its prime, and a gigant-a-saurus egg from an older hen about to go out of production, I assume.

As many lessons as we receive now through the activities we do, I greatly look forward to actually living on the farm!  I can only imagine the lessons we will learn then, when we are more involved and hands-on with the animals and crops!