I am finding that having a big family means we get to celebrate a birthday quite often!  This month, we have two!

My wonderful, amazing, Irishman and farmer wanna-be’s birthday was this week.  He got his gift a little early, as I needed his help to get the right one. 

Wood-mizer LT15

He got a sawmill for the farm!  I think I am as excited as he is, as it offers so much potential!

We realized some time ago how much expense we were putting into lumber at the hardware store.  We still had sooooo many projects yet to go.  Wood for fence posts, fence top rails, animal shelters, chicken coop, garden bed frames, barn renovations, and before too long, we even have to replace our roof and wood siding on the house.  We knew that was going to be mega-bucks.  At the same, every winter we were losing good, hardwood trees on the farm to the ice storms.  Since we had no other options, it was all being chopped into firewood.  What a waste!  We decided it was a much better deal to invest in a small, portable lumber mill, and use all that hardwood for the upcoming projects.  It even has an attachment that will allow S to make siding and shingles for the house in the future.   Furthermore, we can use the wood free of those pressure-treating chemicals.  It may not last quite as long, but with proper home-treatment and drying, it will still last plenty of years for our purposes! 

Unfortunately, although the mill has been delivered, and, thanks to his brother, fully assembled, S will not get to see or use it until our next trip to the farm over the holidays.  In the mean time, it may get some use from his brother and friends, family, and neighbors already requesting to rent it from us.  Hey, we may have a side income we hadn’t even considered!  Imagine….it might pay for itself before we even get to the farm!  OK, back to reality….

Happy Birthday, Honey!  I hope it was a great one!!  And although you are getting old, I look forward to many, many more years with you!