As usual, life has been so crazy busy, and I am loving every minute of it!  Our big news so far this week does not involve sutures for once, but it will soon enough. 

For little A’s future sake, I will not reveal details, but for a while now, we suspected a little, personal issue with A.  We finally got to see a specialist who confirmed the issue.  As a result, A is now scheduled for surgery on Oct. 12.  The good news is that it is a minor, very common surgery that should completely correct his issue.  The bad news is that it will involve half-starving the kid before surgery, driving an hour and half to the surgery center, watching them anesthetize my little boy and wheel him into surgery, waiting for him to come out of surgery and recover for several hours, then dealing with his pain for several days as he heals.  Then, we will spend the next 4-6 weeks hoping and praying the wound heals correctly to fix the issue (improper healing will cause a re-ocurrence). 

On one hand, I am greatly looking forward to solving his current problem.  On the other hand, I am dreading seeing my little boy go through all that.  I witnessed put little N under anesthesia for his MRI back when they confirmed he had CP, and seeing him lay there, so helplessly asleep certainly tugged at the heart strings.  I once read somewhere that no surgery is minor when it is on your child, and I have developed a new understanding of that. 

So that is our big news for now.