M and A modeling the latest fashion statement.

I have never understood why some parents spend massive amounts of money buying the latest and greatest plastic toys for their kids!  My kids spend minimal amounts of time playing with that sort of toy.  Most of their time is spent being creative and playing with the oddest things around the house.   They have been known to sled down our grassy hill on a cardboard box, build intricate tents out of a blanket and some furniture, and most recently, dress up in paper bags and play in different roles.

S pretending he is wearing a protective motorcycle vest and riding his cycle.

I have found it doesn’t take much to entertain them once their creative juices get flowing!  Some basic household essentials, and you have a game that will entertain for over an hour.

A motor-skill activity involves a bowl full of water and a sponge, and have the kids race to sop the water out of one bowl, run across to an empty bowl, and squeeze the water out. They have a blast! Just make sure you have them dressed in something that can get good and wet!

Of course, it could be as simple as just providing something for them to climb on and hide inside. 

This former dog-agility A-frame -turned sand box -turned toy box is the perfect hiding spot! It gets emptied of toys regularly, and serves as a bed, a bunny play pen, a house, a hiding spot. As long as the toys get cleaned up afterward, I really don't care!

So, I think I will continue putting our finances toward more useful things than plastic toys.  The kids seem to be just fine on their own!!