In 2007, we began our adoption journey.  In January of 2008, we were matched with our sons’ mother, who was still pregnant with him.  She had not received prenatal care, and no one really knew when the due date was.  When we met her in February, she was HUGELY pregnant, and more than one person suspected she was carrying twins.  Despite encouragement from us and the agency, however, she continually refused prenatal care (now, we realize she was likely using meth and didn’t want to get caught).  By early March, I was getting frustrated with the many unknowns of the situation, and jokingly asked S, “Just give me a date!”  He spontaneously stated, “The 10th!”  March 10th came and went, and we didn’t think anything of it.  Then we got the call regarding A’s birth.  A week later, he was released from NICU, and I got to bring him home.  Suddenly, it dawned on us.  He was born on April 10th! 

We joked about that coincidence for some time.  Then, in late 2008, we prepared for our next adoption.  We were matched with an expectant mom in January 2009.  Her due date was February 14.   Remembering what had happened previously, I again jokingly asked S, “So, when is this baby gonna be born?”  He thought for a second and said, “The 18th.”  After some more contemplation, he said, “Ahh, I have a friend who’s birthday is February 18th, so that’s probably why that’s on my mind!”  We didn’t think much about it again.  On January 23rd, I got the call that she had given birth early, had already been released from the hospital, and I could come pick up the baby.  After all the chaos had settled, and he was nestled into my arms, we realized N’s birthday was January 18!! 

Now I started to get a little creeped out!  I always believed my husband was a man of God, but to have this direct communication with Him was a little much to handle!  Once we started this adoption process, I half-joking (only half this time!) asked S several times if he had any dates in mind.  He always said, “Nope, not this time.” 

Yesterday, we received our first response from an expectant mother through our online profile.  We have e-mailed back and forth a bit learning more about each other.  Whether it will go anywhere, I don’t yet know.  She hasn’t officially chosen us to be the adoptive parents of her baby.  In any case, though, I looked at S last night and said, “Any dates yet?”  He immediately replied “October 18th.”  He has never given a month before–just a day–so I find it interesting.  I am not sure what to make of his coincidental predictions of the past, but they certainly make me note it mentally now.  So, we wait, and I look forward to seeing what October 18th holds. 

In the mean time, I think I might pack some type of travel bag!