A couple of days ago, about the time her Daddy was due to come home, M asked if she could put on one of her “princess dresses.” I told her she could.  She proceeded to disappear for a very long time.  When she did finally show herself, she was all decked out in her fancy dress, princess shoes, jewelry, her hair brushed and topped with a crown.  She said, “Am I pretty?”  I assured her she was.  Soon after, Daddy arrived, and walked in the door.  Then M surprised us all when, completely out of the blue, she walked over to him and asked, “Daddy, will you please dance with me?”  She has never made such a request before, but it was so sweet there was just no way to turn her down.  S selected a favorite Steven Curtis Chapman song while I grabbed the camera.  And then they danced.  Father and Daughter, in a moment that will not be soon forgotten.