This week, we had an offer quite literally just fall into our laps.  After the housing fiasco that took place over the summer, we have debated whether to move out when our lease expires in June. This week, a co-worker walked into S’s office and offered his house for us to rent.  He is moving out (PCS’ing) in June/July.  Here’s the clincher–the house is on a piece of land in a beautiful, tree-covered part of this area, complete with barn, stalls, pasture, and chicken coop.  It is move-in ready, in great condition, and he has no problem with us having our animals and doing all the things we had planned to do if we bought a house this past spring.  I had originally told S I really didn’t want to move again until it was time to head to the farm.  I’m tired of moving.  But then again, a house with a piece of land, a bit more freedom to help us learn to farm, an opportunity to have chickens, dairy goats, properly housed rabbits, compost piles, and maybe even a little garden is a very tempting idea.  The only 2 downsides we can see at this point are 1, we aren’t sure how to take our 2x/year vacations to the farm if we have critters.  There is much to be done, so those are trips we need to take as scheduled.  We can only hope to meet someone who can help out (but what are the chances of meeting someone who wants to run a farm and milk goats for the price of free milk and eggs?)  Any of you readers want 2x/year vacations to CO?  (jk)  And 2> the house is 4200 sq. ft!  It’s huge!!  It doesn’t sound like it is the type of set-up where we can just close off a portion of it either.  To put this in perspective, we currently live in a 1500 sq. ft house and have plenty of room to spare (except of course, in the area of storing my canning jars!).  We are simple.  All our belongings fit comfortably in this house.  I can’t begin to imagine cleaning a house that big!  Then again, we may get all that for about the same rent as we are currently paying. 

So, we are praying about what to do.  They have invited us over to dinner later this month, where we can tour the place and talk details.  I guess we’ll go from there.