You may recall the housing saga we dealt with a few months back.  (If not, you can get the summary here.) We thought it was all over.  You may also recall that we received a recent offer to move into a house with some livestock property next summer, which we have been praying over.  I’m not yet sure, but we may have just gotten our answer. 

We were warned by a neighbor after we moved into our house that the previous tenant had left due to heating issues in the basement (where the children all sleep).  During our housing issue, I spoke with the folks performing all the maintenance and was assured that the problem was corrected after the last guy moved out.  Well, as it turns out, that is not the case.  We finally began requiring the heater about 3 weeks ago.  We keep our thermostat around 68, so it took some time for the outside temp to drop enough for us to notice.  That’s when we realized that the room where JR and N sleep is not receiving any heat.  We have cleaned out the vent and duct with the vaccuum, shut off other vents to try to force air in.  Nothing.  Over the last week, the outside temps have crept into the low 30’s and even high 20’s at night, and because that room has a drafty window as well, we began noticing the bedroom temp getting cooler as well.  Mind you, it is cool enough in this area that the kids slept in full, flannel, footed sleepers even in the summer, so now, they are in their sleepers, sometimes wearing their bathrobes, under their comforters, and snuggled into a warm blanket as well.  And the snow hasn’t even arrived yet!  So, I called maintenance to come check out the issue, which they did.  The conclusion?  There is no heat getting through that vent.  They will likely have to scope it to find the exact extent of the issue (most likely a collapsed duct), but since the duct is buried in the concrete foundation, our choice will most likely be either to move out so they can re-do that entire foundation area with new duct work, OR be temporarily relocated while they tear out the drywall across the length of the basement to run a new duct from the heater to the bedroom (dependant on where the actual blockage is).  Neither of which sound very appealing honestly. 

So, we have requested that the superviser notify us with our choices.  If nothing else, we have requested they provided us with a space heater for the kids’ bedroom to get us through this winter.  Then, if we have to relocate anyway, we may just take the offer of the property, and let maintenance deal with this house after we are gone.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  For now, I just plan to focus on keeping my kiddos warm at night. 

This time around, though, I am more positive in that I think it is, as always, amazing to think of how God always provides for His children (of all ages).  He may not want us to move into this exact offer of a house, but, through the offer, I take great comfort in the reminder that He WILL provide.