Oh, how I LOVE a bargain!!  We recently found a great one! 

Since our perimeter fence at Red Gate Farm is about 2/3 complete, the sheep have more space in which to roam.  We wanted to start setting up a rotational grazing system that would allow them to utilize a bit more pasture, with a bit less labor than is currently necessary with the temporary fencing.  So, we decided to invest in some T-posts.  That way we can still move the fence around as necessary, but for the most part it will be permanent. 

Then we found out that the current going retail price of T-posts is over $8 from our farm supply store!  OUCH!! 

So, I decided to get on Craigslist and see what I could find in anticipation of our upcoming trip to the farm.  I found several ads near the farm, but everytime I called, they had already been sold.  Also, most were nowhere near the quantity we needed.  So, on a whim, I decided to check out our local CO craigslist section.  BINGO!  A contractor was in the process of replacing several miles of fencing for government lands.  He had been given rights to the old fence being pulled up, and was offering them for sale for $2 each for 6 ft. T-posts.  AND he was willing to deliver to us!  I couldn’t beat that price!  So we told him we’d take 300.  You can imagine the attention we drew around our neighborhood as a  flatbed drove up, unloaded a skid steer and proceeded to unload 2 pallets of T-posts and put them under our back porch.  Not something you commonly see in base housing!

Of course, before we purchased them, we did some quick calculations.  We knew we would have to devise a way to get them to the farm, so we did a little research.  We have been wanting a trailer hitch tow package on our van for a while for miscellaneous odd jobs, but didn’t have one.  This gave us the perfect excuse.  Then we found out how much it cost to have a professional install one.  NOT!!  Sean decided to research tow bar installation online, and was surprised to discover how easy it was.  After a bit, he felt confident in doing it himself.  So, we ordered the package online, got it delivered, and he installed it today in about 15 minutes.

All we have to do at this point is rent a little trailer to haul the T-posts when we go to the farm.  It also opens other options such as purchasing a lightweight livestock trailer earlier than we thought, or hauling other odds and ends.  So now, we have a full tow package for about $300 less than what the pro’s quoted us, and including the trailers we will have to rent, we saved well over $1200 on the T-posts.  Now that’s a deal!