Last year, I tried preserving pumpkin for the first time.  I canned it, and was thoroughly disappointed with the tasteless results.  This year, I decided to try freezing it.  I got about 20 lbs of organic, fresh and ripe off-the-vine pie pumpkins from our co-ops.  My dear hubby is the pumpkin expert around here, so he chopped them up and put them in the steamer (our preferred way to cook most veggies) until they were soft enough to scrape from the peel.  Then, he turned the stringy mush over to me to finish. 

A bowl full of steamed pumpkin

I ran it through the food processor to turn it into a puree’.  With my small processor, it took a while!  Nonetheless, eventually it was all completed.

Pumpkin Puree' in the food processor

Then I scraped the puree into pre-sized portions to make it easier to use later.  It seems like most of my recipes require 1/2-1 cup portions.  I’m a little spoiled, so I like to portion it prior to freezing.  It makes life much easier later!! 

1,2, and 4 cup portions of pumpkin puree, all ready for the freezer

Can I just say right now that one of my best friends is Pyrex?!  I LOVE Pyrex.  My kitchen is full of it.  I tossed out all plastic, aluminum, and tupperware-type containers quite some time ago, and replaced it all with Pyrex of all sizes.  My collection has continued to grow over the last year.   I love that I can take it out of my freezer, and just pop it in the oven or microwave.  The only downside I have found is that the lids can crack and split if you try to open it while frozen, and before the lid warms a bit, but reasonable caution prevents this problem. 

So now I have lots of extra yummy, amazingly sweet, deliciously smooth, pumpkin puree ready for my next fall baking session.  This sooooo beats that canned stuff they call pumpkin.  There is just no comparison!!