After 2 months of the weather not settling into a pattern, lots of cold wind and temperatures, and many weeks of listening to JR pray for snow, it finally happened!  I had a bunch of errands to run, so I consolidated them all into one afternoon.  I had heard there was a 50% chance of the weather turning nasty, so I checked to make sure we had the tire chains, warm clothes, snow scraper, snacks, and water in the car, then left around noon yesterday to try to get them all done before the weather rolled in.  Let’s just say we didn’t make it home nearly in time! 

First, a cold rain started, then cold wind was blowing my car around the freeway, then the flurries started.  As we headed north for our final errands, it began getting really dark, really fast!  Mind you, I haven’t driven in major snow in about 15 years.  By the time I got my last errand completed and headed home, this is basically what I saw out my windshield:

Don't worry, I concentrated on driving, and took the pic after I arrived home--but it looked the same!

It didn’t matter that it was 15 minutes until dinner time, pitch black out, and the temps in the low 20’s.  All that mattered to the kids was that the first snow of the season had finally arrived!   They ran in the house, threw on the few snow supplies I had set out in preparation for snow, and ran out to play. 

A, all dressed up and ready to go play in the snow!

And play they did.  We have a little hill in our sideyard that is absolutely perfect for small children to sled on.  So, the kids spent the next hour sledding, throwing snowballs, and they even recruited their dad to help build a snowman.  (No pic of that, sorry.)

2 yr old A and 22 month old N playing in the snow

My camera kept focusing in on the snowflakes rather than the surroundings, so I finally settled for a pic of the snow accumulation on the back porch. We got about 3 inches in 4 hours.

Finally, we forced the kids inside to eat dinner, and they eventually headed to bed.  This morning, we awoke to a beautiful winter wonderland.

And, of course, as soon as they could gobble down their breakfast, the kiddos were back outside, playing in the snow.

A and JR ready to sled again.

I had promised our first big snow day would be a no-school day.  However, we are expecting an even bigger snow storm tomorrow, so I gave the kids the choice.  They both agreed they wanted to spread school throughout the day today so they could have lots of time to play tomorrow.  So, that’s what we have done.  They literally played outside from breakfast to lunch this morning, did some school work after lunch, then the younger 3 headed to bed while JR and I did more of his schooling during quiet time.  I am proud to say we are almost finished, so we are eagerly anticipating what tomorrow might bring!