Once again, we have been contacted by a potential expectant young woman who is considering placing her baby for adoption.  I have been communicating back and forth for a couple of days.  On one hand, it is thrilling to think someone out there may actually be making the choice to give life to her baby, even though she cannot raise that child, and that she is considering us to be the parents in her place.  On the other hand, I remain very guarded.  I just can’t help but think it is another scam.  It is so sad that a small handful of women make themselves feel better and have their fun by hurting others.  It is so unfortunate that we cannot just jump into a match with an expectant mother, and get to know each other without reserve; to be able to develop a relationship with a hurting young lady, and just be there wholeheartedly for her in a time of need.  I realize it is just an unfortunate part of our society and time. 

That being said, we must remain faithful.  We must trust that God will build our family, His way, and in His time.  We will guard our hearts carefully, but we will also treat these girls/women who contact us with respect and assume they are innocent and truthful, until we receive reason to believe otherwise.  I have learned that is impossible to know for sure until that bundle of blessing is placed into our arms and legally made ours.  All we can do is what we are doing now: pray by name for each girl who contacts us, research her info as we receive it, treat her with love and respect, and hope for the best outcome for all involved.  Only time will tell.