I cannot tell you how many times I have pulled up my blog to post something–anything–and I just go blank.  Is it writer’s block?  Blogger’s block?  Snow-and-cold-weather-induced-brain-hibernation?  Whatever it’s called, it’s as though my brain just goes numb, and I just can’t find my groove.  The funny thing is, we are doing all sorts of things, and I am even getting photos of most of it!  For me, it’s really strange to be short on words (just ask my poor hubby!).  So, here I sit, gazing out my window at the snow falling, and watching my area turn into a magical, white wonderland.  With the low temps outside these days, I have to admit, I do find an advantage to not having our farm yet….I am not having to bundle up 2-3 times a day and go out in that miserable cold to tend the critters!  YET.  Anyway, when I get over this block in my brain, I will have lots of photos and details.  I just have to figure out how.