I have to confess, I have, since leaving home almost 9 years ago, often dreamed of having my parents nearby and active in our family.  I had visions of my folks being active in the children’s lives, and helping us influence them to grow into Christ-loving adults themselves.  I pictured them sitting around reading books to the children, babysitting so S and I could have the occasional date night, and meeting mom at a local hot spot for a mother/daughter lunch.  Yet, between their lives heading in the direction it was, and our lives typically taking us thousands of miles away, those visions seemed like they would never be a reality.   Instead, I was left protecting the children from the realities of why they couldn’t visit their grandparents often, but at the same time praying and speaking lovingly about them and helping where we could. 

Since Nana has come to CO, those dreams are becoming reality, and it is thrilling me to no end!! 

Nana reading to the kids

I can’t begin to describe the excitement I feel when I hear a knock on the door and open it to find Nana standing there, having decided to pop in for a quick visit and a glass of tea.  She is an accomplished pianist, but has not yet been able to get a piano in her new house, so she will occasionally sit down and play our keyboard.  It always brings joy to the house to have it full of music.  She has, indeed, babysat on several occasions so S and I could go out for some couple time.  We now have a standing date that she will swing by on Friday mornings, pick up JR and M, and take them to a library children’s hour and craft time.  (She was taking A, but he wound up just not enjoying it as much as the older kids).  They always come home with arms laden with new library finds, which, over the next week, she will read to them whenever she stops by.  It is so much fun to be able to shoot her an e-mail and invite her to dinner once or twice a week.  Life has been a little crazy to meet up for lunch so far, but that is in the plan for the New Year. 

It has truly been a blessing getting to know her all over again, but in a new, grandmother and friend-type way, rather than just as my mother.  I don’t what the future holds, but my hope is that we can continue to build on our new relationship for a long time yet!