I did a post a while back on my awesome dog, Will.  (You can find it here).  The other day, we were settling down for our family worship time, and realized just how much of a pet he had become.  You see, as a service dog, he was not allowed on furniture, not allowed to have table scraps, didn’t bark or whine or beg, didn’t jump on people or scratch at doors.  It truly is a wonderful thing to have a pet that is so well trained and well mannered.  Honestly, it spoils us. I never had to worry about vacuuming hair off the couch or the dog begging as we ate dinner.  Anyway, we were settling down to family worship, and I walked in the living room to find this:

Apparently, JR and M discovered that Will would get on the couch if he was invited.  In the past, they had been so young that Will would ignore their invites.  Now that they are older and more confident in their commands, Will has discovered they can be a great resource to gain a little extra comfort and lovin’ around here!   Additionally, Will discovered (by the time kid #3 came along) that a highchair was a great source of treats.  I fought it for the longest time, scolding him.  Then, one day, I realized that he could be very beneficial, and save me a great deal of clean-up time after snacks and meals.  So we drew boundaries.  While he isn’t allowed to clean up the floor while we are at the table, once we leave, crumbs on the floor are fair game! 

So, with his new-found friends, I think a spot on the couch has become a given during family worship time.