I have a had a little extra work this week, and will next week, too.  My mom, who has relocated to CO, had to return to her previous state to tie up some loose ends.  Here in CO, she has a night job as a nanny for a single mom who works night shift, in return for room and board.  It is actually a great arrangement, that gives her a great home to live in, and all she has to do is live in the house at night to ensure an adult is present with the child.  She is free to work or hang out with us, or whatever during the day.  However, since she had to go back for two weeks, she needed to find someone to fill in for her for several nights while she is away.  I’m the only person she knows at this point.  So, I have spent the last couple nights sleeping over at another house, caring for a child, and will do the same for several nights next week.  So all the chores and responsibilities I usually have in the evenings and after the kids head to bed, I am having to make up for during the day.  Of course, I also have to take care of the typical day responsibilities such as homeschooling, trying to prepare meals, and generally caring for my house and family.  Plus, this week, preps for the upcoming farm trip really kicked in.  It’s actually not a bad deal, and I am rather enjoying it.  My mornings there are quite relaxed, and I get to rotate taking JR or M with me, which actually gives me some special one-on-one time with them too.  I feel bad that S is having to go in to work a bit later than usual, which ads a bit of pressure to his schedule, and some my household chore duties are suffering a bit, naturally. It is temporary though.  The great thing about it is, time is absolutely FLYING by and it will be time to head to the farm before I know it!!  And THAT is always a great thing!!!