I have been swamped with preparations this week.  Preparations of all sorts.   We decided to forego schooling this week, as it is looking to be the busiest week of the season.  Monday, I was busy baking snack foods to freeze for our farm trip.  I finished filling in for my mom’s nanny position after Monday night, so I got really busy on Tuesday.  I cleaned out the fridge, processed and canned some beets that had been in the fridge for a while and would otherwise go bad while we were away.  I also made and canned some BBQ sauce to take with us on the trip.  Today and tomorrow, I am working on bread.  I have calculated that we could need as much as 10-12 loaves during the time we will be there.  When those boys get to working, they eat!!  I am also planning to not only be feeding my family, but also my brother-in-law, and possibly my mom.   I still have to chop up some carrots and celery, and dehydrate some apples for snacks, but I’m getting there.  I look at the boxes of food I already have packed, and realize why our grocery bill is so high every month!  At least it’s healthy.   I managed to get a slight advance from our cow share on some milk to take with us, so I will skim some of that later today and freeze a bit.  I may still have to go buy some raw milk from a supplier there though.  Instead of wasting precious cooler space with bags of ice, I am planning to use my frozen milk and meat to keep everything cold. 

Last night, I dropped the rabbits off at some friends’–3 days earlier than originally planned.  About 4 weeks ago, S walked out into the garage to find that M had accidentally let both the buck and doe out of their cage while feeding.  We don’t know whether anything happened, and I am lousy at palpating.  I have kept a close eye on the doe though, and she seems a lot more solid around the middle lately, but I can’t be sure I am not imagining things.  In any case, I marked the date so we know she is due on Saturday.  I didn’t want to risk her delivering and then trying to move her, since this would be her first litter.  So, I worked it out to take her over early.  That will give her a few days to adjust to her new home before she delivers–if she does.  We got her all set up with a nest box and she is ready to go, just in case.  Rabbits are generally within a day or two of their actual due date (if only humans were that way!), so we should know by Sunday. 

Today is an exciting day as well.  The birthmother we have been working with has her big ultrasound this afternoon.  We were scheduled to meet with her tomorrow evening for dinner, but now the weather looks as though we will be snowed in–up to 12 inches expected in the next 24 hours.  I nervously called her mom to discuss the issue–the first time I have actually spoken to a human.   We hit it off immediately!  She was so sweet, we wound up talking for about 30 minutes, and decided to meet this evening instead.  So, hopefully we will get a lot of answers tonight and know more about the situation in general.  The ultrasound should reveal a due date and, hopefully, a gender.  I am so thankful to be so busy with these trip preps, or I would probably be a nervous wreck! 

In any case, since this situation is still looking very positive in terms of us having a baby in the very near future, I am also keeping that fact in mind as I do my cleaning and organizing.  We may not have much time for that type of cleaning after we return, so, just in case, I am doing what I can now.  All we would really have to do that way is set up the bassinet when we return.  My hopes are climbing, so we’ll see what happens.  I keep reminding myself that she could back out at any moment, and she has every right to do so. 

So that is our latest.  I will update when I can.