Throughout our trip, I remained in contact with the expectant young lady we are matched with.  Things have been going well, though, due to the holidays, the birthmother counselor has yet to meet with them (which is a little irritating!)  They still have a number of questions, but since they have had trouble reaching their counselor, they will often ask me their questions–most of which I am able to answer.  It is giving us an opportunity to develop a relationship, which I am enjoying.  Adoption can be about so much more than getting a new baby. 

I just received notice that she had a doc appointment today, and the doc reported things are looking good.  HOWEVER, they also told her that she is now 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced!  Now, I totally know that it could still be weeks yet, and this part of the process can move VERY slowly.  But I also know that it CAN move much faster once things get started.  She felt like the baby had dropped several weeks ago, and her parents report that it has visibly dropped.  Only time will tell, but I think it is definitely time to get everything on my end in order and ready for me to leave for the hospital!  No doubt this news will help motivate me to get busy!