It was so much fun going to the farm this past month, and really seeing the progress that is taking place.  I have to give a ton of credit to my mother-in-law and brother-in-law for all the work they have done there to keep it up and running, otherwise, we would spend the majority of our vacations with maintenance work.  Instead, we are able to focus on new projects each visit.  One of the greatest improvements we have seen is the addition of the sheep a couple years ago.  My brother-in-law is very good about rotating them around, so their even grazing and their manure have resulted in our lush pastures becoming even more lush.  It is so thick now, the sheep can’t keep up with with even 2 acres of it in the spring and summer.  We look forward to being able to stock it with more critters!

Now that is January 2011, I figured I would list our planned projects for the year.  We re-evaluated our list a few months ago, and changed some things.  So here is our plans for the year:

  • Plant Orchard/berry vines
  • Order supplies for retaining walls
  • Build the driveway retaining walls
  • Make final plans for rain cisterns

We also keep an ongoing list of “extra projects” that we do as time permits.  They aren’t quite as critical to completing prior to move-in, but we would like to get them done, and most are indoor projects, so they are perfect back-ups for rainy days.  This year, the list includes:

  • Create laundry chute–this will involve some bathroom renovations.
  • Knock out wood section in basement, and move it to create wall for family closet.
  • Begin kitchen renovations (knock out wall, move cupboard and fridge)
  • Start finalizing barn renovation plans.
  • Start working on family closet area.

We are as yet unsure of how much time we will be able to spend at the farm this year.  We only have one trip planned so far, to plant the orchard in the spring.  So, I’m not sure how much more will get done. We’ll see.  We still have almost 3 years though, so time is still on our side at this point.