I was really happy with all the things I learned in 2010!  Some of those things helped improve me as a person, some helped me grow more comfortable at being self-sufficient, and some helped me improve our entire family’s health.  I realized, though, that I haven’t really developed any new personal goals for 2011, so I thought I would officially organize the things that are always in the back of my mind:

  • Grow always more consistent and faithful with my personal daily quiet times.
  • (Hopefully) learn to be a mom of 5.
  • Get caught up in my scrapbooking.  I’m so close! 
  • Expand my bread-making abilities to include new types of flours and fermented breads.
  • Try to improve my cracker-baking abilities.  I’ve yet to find a good recipe for basic snack crackers.
  • Try to find more motivation for learning violin. I just can’t seem to make it a priority.
  • Find a new buck and get my meat-rabbit doe to have a litter! Then, hopefully another, and another, so we can once again enjoy “white” meat.
  • Figure out how to get my indoor, miniature citrus trees to stop being stagnant, and start growing and blooming.

That’s a start anyway.  I have a lot of other desires for the year, but they are all contingent on whether we wind up moving to that piece of property off base.  We hope to find out by March, but there is no telling when we will know.  You can bet you’ll hear about it when we do!  At that point, I will have to find some goats, with at least one either milking or ready to kid, and order all the supplies for home-dairying!  I would also order our chickens.  Unfortunately, I have no control over this part of my goals.  It’s in God’s hands, so I must wait on His perfect timing.