This past Christmas, we decided to things a little differently.  We wanted to show the kids that Christmas and gifts weren’t all about spending money, but could also be about spending time together as a family, laboring to make gifts that others would enjoy.   So that’s exactly what we did.  We spent several months trying to perfect our favorite food and cosmetic recipes.  I have a friend out here who is a professional graphic designer, so she created a Red Gate Farm logo for me.  We decided to make the gifts as professional as possible, and listen to the feedback we received from recipients.  Then, based on the feedback, we could determine what type of items people like receiving. So, here is the resulting logo, which I am incredibly proud of.  I think she did a great job!

Notice the likeness to my blog header picture.

Then, we created a number of different items, such as homemade BBQ sauce, dry soup mixes, apple butter, crabapple jelly, naturally sweetened hot cocoa mix, lip balm, and a few other items.  We assembled items based on what we thought the individual recipients would most enjoy.  Here a a few of the final products:

I have gotten the most feedback regarding the lip balm.  That seems to be a real hit.  I would like to get my body cream recipe perfected and try that out on folks!  I love it, but I have to test it year round before I can give it out. 

We really enjoyed putting such a personal touch on gifts this year.  It was truly a labor of love, and allowed us to share a few of the things we really enjoying making.  We were able to work together as a family on much of it, which was a huge bonus.  We may have to consider something similiar in the future.