Believe it or not, I have been away from my children for overnight periods of time before.  JR and M had to stay with a sitter while S and I traveled 7 hours away to pick up A when he was born.  I wound up having to stay a whole week.  Then, JR, M, and A stayed home with S and my sister-in-law while I flew back to FL for 2 weeks to pick up little N.  S and I have also managed a weekend away about a year ago, while all kids were divided up at sitters’ houses.  So I know I can survive seperation from my kids. 

For some goofy reason, though, yesterday seemed strange, as I watched my little girl drive off with her Nana for the night.

M and Nana, ready to leave.

It was kind of a last-minute thing, where Nana decided to take her home and bring her back today when she was scheduled to come pick up JR anyway for something.  M excitedly ran downstairs, grabbed her PJs and her baby doll and a tube of toothpaste.  I pointed out she needed her toothbrush more than the toothpaste (Nana had that).  She raced back downstairs, got her toothbrush, stuffed it all in a bag, grabbed her coat, and ran out the door.   The smile on her face told everything we needed to know about how excited she was for this opportunity. 

Nonetheless, I realized it was the first time I have been home, and one of the kids gone for a night.  What a strange feeling!