After Peter’s demise in December, and still no rabbit litters, we had to make a decision.  S decided he really wanted to give this a go, so rather than “harvest” La-la and give the whole thing up, he wanted to find a new buck and try again.  Meet “Moses:”

The challenge was trying to find a meat rabbit mature enough to breed.  I found lots of small rabbits, and a number of just-weaned kits, but I only found two folks that had what I was looking for.  One guy was offering 2, 7 month old California brothers for a reasonable price.  They were totally unsocialized, but when we went to look at them, we were very surprised and impressed by this guy’s rabbitry.  It was the cleanest I had seen, there was no offensive smell-even in his chicken coop, and the rabbits all appeared very lively and healthy.  Of the two bucks for sale, one was on the subdued side, while the other was very active and inquisitive.  I preferred the latter, so we took him.  The kids named him on the way home.  Eager to get going, we let him settle in for a little while, then introduced La-la to him.  He knew exactly what to do with her, and she happily agreed to it!  I also let them “play” together each of the two following days, to increase the chances of a litter next month.  Now, we wait.  The kids decided they didn’t like how “rough” he was when he played with La-la, so they have agreed not to let the bunnies play together anymore.  They will be staying busy taming him down, since he isn’t used to people, and we’ll be praying everything works out this time.  Hopefully, hopefully, after 6 rabbits, and 8 months of trying, we will finally get our first litter.  We’ll know in a few weeks!

If it does work, at some point I am going to have to explain something to my kiddos about the birds and the bees–or in this case, why it is necessary that Moses and La-la eventually play together again.  Any advice from you more experienced farm moms?