The white bassinet is in our bedroom, and has just been sitting there waiting for baby for a week now.  Today, as I peeked into it, my heart just melted at what I saw….

No, we don’t have a baby yet.  Rather, I discovered that M had been playing in my room at some point.  She had carefully tucked her baby doll into the bassinet, and covered it smoothly with her favorite blanket.  I thought it was cute, but didn’t think too much of it as I peeled away the blanket to fold it and have M take it back down to her bedroom.  That is when I discovered what her baby doll was wearing.

I have purchased 3 little girl outfits–a sleeper, a casual 3-piece outfit, and a little dress.  All 3 were neatly packed into our hospital bag, ready to go.  We are going to let the birthmother choose which to use in the hospital photos she wants.  Apparently, at some point, M had gone into my bag and taken the sleeper (which she had picked out at the store), and dressed her doll in it.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get the call today, or I totally would have grabbed my bags and run, not having a clue that the sleeper was already in use!  Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but smile at the pure sweetness of my little girl’s excitement.  I pray everything works out.  Then, I asked her permission to undress the doll and put the sleeper back in my bag.