The expectant mother we are working with had another doc appointment today.  Unfortunately, her labor has not progressed in the last week, and because they feel she is over the 40 week mark, the doc scheduled an induction.   Of course, she could always go into labor before then, but if not, she will be induced on Friday morning.  My  mom is going to come stay Thursday night so we can leave early on Friday morning.  The soon-to-be birthmom wants us there as soon as we can get there.  I know inductions can potentially take a while, though, so now I have to come up with things to keep us busy for the day.  At this point, it looks like we will spend the time in the waiting room.  The great news, however, is that it sounds like the hospital will be providing accomodations for us in post-partum as well.  That means we will potentially stay at the hospital, and perhaps even have baby in the room with us.  We’ll see what her birthmom wants as time passes and emotions kick in. 

So, hopefully by the weekend, we will have a baby in our arms!  I can’t wait!!  Now, I just have to get well so I can more easily handle the coming sleepless nights…..