I have posted on our dog, Will, in the past.  He is an awesome dog, and ever since retiring from service dog work, he has become quite the house pet and pampered pooch.  Now, mind you, I am a farm girl at heart.  I expect my dog to act like a dog, so pampering has its limits!  Will looks forward to our visits to Red Gate Farm as much as the rest of us, as he gets to act like a farm dog, romp in the pastures, chase squirrels, rabbits, and deer (though he has no interest in chasing sheep after a well-timed incident with electric wire!). 

This winter in CO, however, is our first truly cold experience since getting Will as a pup.  He has been in snow before, and loved romping in it.  Apparently, though when you combine the snow with sub-zero temps (-20’s have been common this week), Will becomes very content to avoid that cold, white stuff at all costs.  It got to the point we literally had to force him to go out to relieve himself, and even then, he only cared to go twice a day–first thing in the morning, and last thing before bed.  If I tried at any other time, he would give me “the look.”  No one can resist “the look” from Will!  When I would get him to go out, he would limp and walk funny as he tried to avoid putting his pampered paws in the freezing snow, quickly do what he had to do, and run back up on our porch, always standing on 3 legs as he waited for us to open the door. 

I realized he has very “clean” pads, without the excess hair to protect his paws like longer-haired breeds have.  We had to do something!  Thanks to some good friends who gave us some dog boots a while back, I had just the solution!

Will wasn't the least impressed!

He walked really funny when I first put them on, and he still hates them when I pull the boots out.  He really would prefer just staying inside on his bed all day.  However, he does walk normally in the snow now, and doesn’t race back as quickly or stand on 3 legs.  I guess that means something!