I purchased an Ergo baby carrier well over a year ago, and loved it.  However, I have never used it for a young infant–until now!  With my first 4 children, you can imagine that I tried almost every infant carrier on the market, to include the home-made baby wrap.  While every version had pros and cons, none was quite as comfortable or as trouble free as what I wanted.  Then, when N was approaching toddler-dom, I discovered Ergo.  Baby wearing has never been the same since! 

Then, we got R, so I had to order the infant insert.  I questioned whether to order it, or just use my trusty wrap, but as much as I loved the Ergo, I decided to go for it.  I am SOOOO glad I did!  I wear her every time she is fussy, and she loves it. 

Folding laundry. Notice R, in pink, in the Ergo.

Putting laundry away. You can see R on my left front.

I've even cooked dinner with her in it! OK, so obviously, this is not my preferred way of cooking, but she was fussy, and I was desperate. Before you yell at me too much, realize that I kept my hand between the Ergo and the stove so I always knew where it was!

How I wish I had saved the money years ago and just gone straight to the Ergo!  I have used this thing in about every situation, and for every one of my children (I used it when JR was 4!).  While my least favorite position is the front carry, for the infants, it is safest, and I have to admit, this is by far the most comfortable I have ever been wearing baby on front!  In fact, we have come to love Ergo so much, and we still use it all the time for N and A, so we decided that if we did adopt again, we would get a second one.  My new, second Ergo arrived 2 days ago!  So now, S and I both get one, and the old hiking back packs are going straight to the yard-sale bin!