I am quickly learning there are a lot of advantages to having kids grow up!  Especially when you teach them to enjoy and take pride in helping around the house during their formative years. 

For one thing, it means that when the weather is frigid, and I am tired of housework, one of my over-energized boys will be happy to bundle up and shovel the sidewalk, while I stay nice and warm inside. 

JR shoveling the snow for the first time. He fully cleared a good 2 inches of snow off the whole sidewalk, and he did a fantastic job!
Or if I need to work on some projects, my little mommy-in-training will jump at the opportunity to hold the baby.

M cuddling with and keeping R happy.

 Or perhaps the dinner dishes are just a bit overwhelming…A is always happy to lend a helping hand (though the actual help part of it is debatable)!

A loves to help Daddy with the after-dinner clean-up!

 And JR is becoming quite the little chef.  At just 6 years old, he has learned how to work the stove (with permission and supervision, of course), crack and scramble eggs, spray a skillet, cook a few dishes, prepare sandwiches, and much more.  I am going to love having someone to share in my kitchen duties.  Now, I just have to teach him how to clean up afterward.  Then again, maybe that’s what A is for….

JR cooking scrambled eggs.

So, yes, looking at the bright side, watching my babies grow up isn’t all bad.  I think I can definitely find some plus sides to the idea!