Saturday evening, we were peacefully reclining on the sofa.  I had several children piled on top of me as I read them a book, S was practicing his violin nearby, and Will was comfortably spread out on the floor beside my couch.  JR, out of the blue, looks down at Will and asked, “When are we gonna eat Will?”

*SHOCK* You can imagine my surprise, as we have had Will since before the children were born.  They have literally grown up with him.  I speechlessly replied, “uh….well……..Honey, we aren’t going to eat Will.”

JR: “Why not?”

Me: “Well, because he is our pet.  That means he’s like part of the family.  We don’t eat members of the family!”

JR:  *serious, thoughtful expression on his face as he ponders this idea*  “But, I really want to taste dog!” 

Me:  “Maybe one day you can travel to Korea to visit your Uncle D.  They eat dog there.”

So, I later try to relay this conversation to his father, who somehow completely missed out.  After my version, S laughs, agrees with me, and concludes with, “No, we won’t eat Will.”

JR: “But, Daaaaaad!  If Will dies, and we don’t eat him, then the meat will just totally go to waste!” 

S:  “Well, I guess that’s sort of true, but…..”

Me, interrupting in the hopes of saving my dog from these barbarians:  “No, JR, don’t worry.  It won’t be a total waste.  When we bury him, he will then help fertilize the grass and the soil, and that, will in turn, help our other animals be healthier!

JR: “OK.  I’d really like to taste dog, but I guess if the worms are eating him, he won’t go to waste at least!”

Me:  *speechless and stunned* 

JR: “Did the worms eat Peter, too?”  (Peter was our rabbit buck that died unexpectedly while we were on vacation.  We weren’t sure of the cause, so we just had the pet sitter dispose of him.)

S:  “Hmmmmm, I’m not sure what became of Peter.”

JR:  “Well, I hope they buried him.  I wouldn’t want his meat to just go to waste!”

I am all about raising my boys to love farm life, but this is a bit much!  Where did I go wrong?  I MUST find the balance!!  Is this the boyish-ness every mother dreads?  Is this normal?  YIKES!  And to think I have two more after him!  I am afraid!  Very afraid!