….at least, that’s the current plan!

This morning, I had MORE workers in our house.  They were supposed to clean our heating ducts on Monday, but instead, wound up doing it today.  The guy cleaning showed me just a few of the items he had sucked out of the vent system, to include chunks of drywall, large masses of hairy-who-knows-what, and he also discovered large chunks of un-removable glue and sawdust/wood chips.  I have no idea what my family has been breathing!  Just as I was trying to remind myself to be thankful for the home we have to live in (despite its abundant problems), the phone rang.  Our realtor called to report that the bank had accepted our offer on a home!

The home was a foreclosure that we had bid on on Tuesday.  We have praying earnestly about it, since just a week ago, we weren’t even in the market for a house.  This house was just listed the evening before we felt compelled to search.  We went and looked at it the next evening.  Once we discovered it was a bank-owned foreclosure, we were warned several times that it could take months to get any response.  We continued to pray about it, came up with an offer, and left the rest to God.  We hoped to hear something in the next month, so we would know if we should move on in our search.  Now, just 2 days later, we are well on our way to having a place to call OURS!!

Of course, we made it this far once last year, and the whole thing wound up falling through.   So, we still have to go through the paperwork and inspections processes before it’s a done deal.  Hopefully, though, all will go as expected, I pray it will move quickly, and if so, we will be taking a massive leap into self-sufficiency by this time next month!  That’s right, closing is scheduled in just 3 weeks (sooner if the paperwork is done sooner)!  I am so elated right now!  It’s all I can do not to start ordering my chicks, buying my goat supplies, and building our rabbit cages.  We have a lot of plans for this place, and will be very busy for a while! 

In the mean time, though, I thought I would throw a few pics up for those who are interested.  We don’t have many at this point, but they’ll give you an idea….

The front of the house. Not much to look at now, with the dead, wintry brush, but I think it has tons of potential with minimal labor!

One of my favorite features...a ready-made small-animal pen. We will, of course, expand the fencing, but thanks to this fence and shed, I can buy critters the day we close! This is surrounded by almost 5 acres of beautiful woodland. Not a lot of graze, but even if we feed hay for the next 3 years, we will come out ahead than if we stayed here.

One of my favorite indoor things is the gorgeous stone fireplace. It is designed to look like the CO mountains that surround us.

Not sure yet what this room will be used for. School room, maybe? In any case, I LOVE the oversized wood-burning stove!

The kitchen is designed a bit odd, and will need some work. Nonetheless, it has a lot more potential for my bulk-food and canning storage than our current house.

So there you have it.  After our experience last year, I am so scared to get excited, and yet, as you can tell, I already am.  We are all absolutely head-over-heels that we may soon be free of this property management company and problem-filled house!  We are equally thrilled at the very-real possibility of FINALLY starting a mini-farm with dairy goats, meat and egg chickens, meat rabbits, a garden, a compost pile, and the increased outdoor freedom that country living will allow!  OK, I better stop before I start bouncing out of my seat with joy! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Heavenly Father!!!!