I need some advice from my farmer/homesteader/livestock owning readers. 

Although the move is not 100% guaranteed yet, after another inspection yesterday, the percentage is climbing quickly, and things are looking pretty certain.  That being said, I have been preparing my shopping list and researching items I want and need.  I raised all sorts of livestock in the past, but has been a few years.  I’m not sure about a couple things, though. 

Should I get:

  • for the brooder, a slide top chicken feeder or quart jar attachment base feeder?  FYI, we will likely not have more than about 25 chicks at one time for now.
  • for the grown layer hens, should I invest on one of the large hanging feeders/waters?
  • standard milk pail or pail with crescent moon lid to help prevent spills/contaminants for this newbie?
  • a stripping cup for milking?
  • a goat collar or halter, and if so, which one?  I have used a collar in the past, but never a halter.
  • for milk filtering, which if preferrable–cheese cloth or dairy filters?

I think that’s it for now.  Also, if you have a favorite online farm supply store you use, with really good prices, please pass that on.  My favorites that I used to use carry mostly horse stuff.  Thanks in advance!