Just for my written records, here is a totally random update on life around our household:

  • The baby rabbits are doing great.  Although I have seen almost no interaction between the doe and kits, they are absolutely thriving at this point.  I expect them to come bouncing out of that nest box around this weekend.  I tried to get some good photos this morning, but they are so lively, they refused to hold still long enough for a good shot.  They just kept crawling all over the place faster than my camera flash could re-charge.  I am letting JR and M hold and love on them for about 15-20 minutes a day, gradually increasing the total time throughout the day.  The kids are absolutely loving it!

  • Homeschool is coming along.  M has absolutely taken off in her reading.  JR is becoming a great reader as well, but M has already developed a true passion for reading, and spends several HOURS every day just locked in a room, or sitting in a private area, reading aloud to herself.  She is only 4, and it is amazing to watch!  We were going through the “Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons” book as part of her school day, but at this point, we reached lesson 85, and I basically have put it away.  She is reading books far more advanced than that now.  Thanks to the work M does with the little boys, and what they observe during M’s lessons, A and N are both learning their colors, numbers, and alphabet.  Bless his heart, poor JR has started having to do school most weekends as well as weekdays.  We fell a bit a behind early on with all our house issues, and I know we risk falling behind with the impending move, so we are cramming in as much as possible now.  By my estimate, we are only about 2 weeks behind where we should be now, so it isn’t a big deal, and I think we will still finish up by late May at this point.  I just want some flexibility to relax a little as we adapt to farm life.  We also have a trip back to Red Gate planned in there somewhere.  Thus, we keep plugging along.

JR loves reading his little Bible most, which thrills this momma's heart to no end!

M currently enjoys the adventures found in her storybooks most.

  • R is doing great.  I can’t believe she is over a month old already!  She is over 10 lbs now, and all her measured growth data puts her in the 50-80th percentiles.  A big girl!  We had a bit of a scare when the docs could never seem to get her SAT’s (blood oxygen levels) to register over 90 (should be 96-100) for several weeks, so we had to have a bit of testing done to check out her heart and lungs.  The general consensus wound up being that she was just growing so fast, her heart and lungs may have needed to catch up a bit.  She’s fine now.  She is on a 3-3.5 hour eating schedule throughout the day, eating 4-5 ounces on average, at each feeding, and she is on the verge of sleeping through the night. 

R, 1 month old


  • You may have noticed a lack of postings regarding Nana.  My mom returned home to my dad the first week of February.  Not to go into too much detail, but there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense during her stay here.  We were all praying for guidance and direction as she tried to figure out what she needed to do.  Around the end of January, she received a jury summons requiring her to return to her home state.  Although disappointing at the time, it was a bit humorous that it seemed God was going to use a judge and a court, and the threat of arrest to get her to return.  Nonetheless, she packed her things, returned home, was selected for the jury, served her time in the juror’s box, and then tried to formulate her next plan.  Last week, after some debate, she decided to keep her annual physical at the reknowned Mayo Clinic.  I was informed a couple days ago that it was discovered she had breast cancer.  It is in the early stages, and we are all awaiting more info as to the next step.  However, it is so easy to see things coming together now–how her time alone out here made her stronger, built her faith, and then how God called her back to her home where she could receive treatment at one of the best clinics in the nation.  Prayers would be appreciated in this area.
  • And, to end on a good note, we are still awaiting the next step for our new house.  We have an amazing realtor that highly encouraged us to require the bank-owner of the house to make repairs to the plumbing system since they had neglected to properly winterize the place.  We are so thankful she did that!  As of Monday, they had discovered and repaired over 70 — yes 70!!!!– cracks, holes, and leaks in the copper piping, all throughout the house.  It had also damaged all 3 toilets and several of the showers.  So, we will be not only saving many thousands of dollars through this, but also getting a whole new plumbing system, new toilets, and possibly new parts in our showers.  That is the hold up at this point.  We can’t have the inspections done (2 that I know of) until the plumber is finished.  We are hoping that will be any time.  Once the inspections happen, we should be able to give notice to our property management company.  In the mean time, we have collected some free lumber we found on Craigslist to help out with some of the needed projects, and we are all dreaming and planning.  I have a good idea on the chickens, rabbit, and all supplies, and pretty good plan of action once we get a closing date, but am still a little hung up on the goat part.  I can’t seem to find one that will meet our needs.  It seems like mostly what’s available is wethers, kids, or dry does.  I’ll keep looking. 

My fun-loving little tomboy has already made her loud-and-clear request for a tire swing at the new house.