Yesterday, we had our inspection on the new home.  All in all, it went well.  There were a few little issues, but for the most part, we hope the expenses will be minimal, as it generally appears to be just needing lots of elbow grease.  The inspector was happy with it, we were happy with it, and we decided to proceed to the next step, which should be the last before closing.  We have already received all title and covenant clearances, and everything looks good to go.  The anitcipation and excitement has set in. 

S has been praying about how to best be a steward of our finances through this.  We have to give 30 day’s notice on the base house we currently live in, and there is a chance we will have to pay an early termination penalty.  S felt like waiting until after the inspection would be safe.  Today, he felt it was a good time to give our notice.  He went in to the office, and, once again, God seemed to just line things all up for the best.  We have been listening to a CD on bibilical family economics, and it just “happened” that as he drove over, the sermon topic was about having piety and humility in our daily dealings.  He vowed then and there, he was going to be as nice as he possibly could, no matter what happened.  When he arrived, one of the difficult ladies that we have had to deal with in the past had been moved from the front desk to a back office, and replaced with a very sweet, easy to work with lady.  It also just “happened” that a very understanding manager who is familiar with our situation was standing out front when S walked in.  She asked how things were going, and S simply shook his head and replied, “aaaah, not very good.”  Long story short, he humbly answered her questions about the current housing issues.  I think he really got her attention when he mentioned that our one-month-old was having to sleep in the bathroom because it was the warmest room in the house (even with her full sleeper and a double-layer swaddle blanket on, she just stays comfortable in there).  As the impromptu meeting went on, they filled out the paperwork for terminating the lease, and when the subject of the penalty fee came up, S kindly requested that they consider not charging it due to all we have been put through here.  He explained that he knew what the contract said, and that they were under no obligation to wave the fee, but hoped, out of the goodness of their hearts, they would consider the circumstances.  The manager kind of smiled, said she couldn’t make the decision herself, but would absolutely contact the home office and talk to them about it.  She then went on to explain that we were known around their company as the “the roofing fiasco family,” due to the numerous sequence of issues we had last year.  Thus, when things come up with our house now, everyone in the company has accepted the house has major issues.  She hesitantly offered to put us on a waiting list for a new house, but kind of laughed and agreed when S shook his head and explained it was kind of important to ensure his family’s peace and sanity in whatever house they lived in.  So will see what they decide. 

What we do know is that our lease is over and we must be out by April 8.  We also know that we now own a goat.  We decided to go ahead and take advantage of what I believe to be a great deal on a goat.  So, yes, thankfully, the owner was willing to hang onto her and keep milking her until we are set up.  She wasn’t going to sell her, but since we met, I guess she liked us, and the more research I did on the goat, the more I liked her!  I think she could be a bit of a gold mine–not that I know much about dairy goats!  So, I guess worst-case scenario, something goes horribly wrong with the closing (not likely) and we have no CO home.  But, at least we’ll have fresh goat’s milk, and we could always move back to Red Gate if we had to.  Best case and most likely scenario–we’ll soon be living in a beautiful home in the country, and taking the grand next steps toward fulfilling the calling we feel God has given us in being stewards of our land.